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Dermatology Care

Dermatology Preparations

Revitalife Compounding Pharmacy build on the expertise of our experienced dermatologists to create scientifically tested skincare products that are capable of results.

Our Skin Care range includes the foundation products of any good skincare routine.

What differentiates Revitalife Dermatological Products from other brands is our rich heritage of expert dermatological care, which has informed the ingredients and composition of all of our outstanding products.

Revitalife Dermatological Products:

Skin Rejuvenation Products

  • Revitalife Dermatological Products have a set of skin rejuvenation products for a complete skin rejuvenation formula that works overnight to repair and regenerate severely dry, irritated skin. It uses calming agents to help prevent inflammation, and other ingredients work more to repair and regenerate skin cells while you sleep. This breakthrough multi-function formula is designed to both correct and prevent multiple signs of aging on the delicate skin. Specialized proteins encourage natural collagen production to help restore skin’s elasticity. Skin’s appearance is instantly firmed and smoothed. It combines skin exfoliation (to lift away dull, dead cells) and a bleaching cream which is applied after (to remove unnecessary callouses, corn and warts in the skin). Use in the morning and evening. ​ ​
    • Acne Cream Keto-plus
    • Scar Removal Ointment
    • Anti-melasma Topical (Triluma cream containing Fluocinolone, Hydroquinone, Tretinoin)
    • Vitamin C + Vitamin E hydroquinone combination
    • Kligman formula (HRH)
    • Oxsoralen
    • Anthralin
    • Benoquin
    • Urea 20%, 40%
    • TCA peeling (trichloracetic acid)
    • Coal tar cream
    • Jessnar & modified jessner
    • Salicylic acid
    • Callous paint
    • Corn removal paint
    • Podophyllotoxin
    • Tincture benzoin (gawi tincture)
    • Cod liver oil ointment

Skin Antimicrobial and Anti-Perspirant Products

  • Personal care products containing antibacterial ingredients are sometimes referred to as topical antimicrobial products (sometimes also called consumer antiseptics). Antimicrobial products are critical to public health because of the importance personal hygiene plays in preventing infection causes by bacteria, fungi and virus. 
    • Tinea paint
    • Glycerin manesia with acriflavine
    • Metronidazole gel
    • Salicylic in carbamide
    • Salicylic + benzoic + calamine
    • White field Ointment
    • Driclor solution
    • Fluconazole nail paint
    • Colistin ointment


  • Other formulation such as hair growth, topical anesthetics, counter-irritant, depigmenting agent and antihismine dermatological products to mosquito repellants are also available in Revitalife Compounding Pharmacy.
    • Hair growth enhancer oil
    • Lead sub acetate solution
    • Scott’s ointment
    • Glycerin tannic
    • Hair fall preparation in liposome base
    • Vicks vapor rub
    • Sun screen lotion
    • Newman’s nipple ointment
    • Diabetic foot crea
    • Mosquito repellent cream
    • Joulie’s solution
    • Bergamot oil preparations
    • Promethazine in PLO gel
    • BLT Cream (benzocaine, lidocaine, tetracaine)

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