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Healthy Supplements

Health Supplements offer by Revitalife Compounding Pharmacy are molecules under the rejuvenation roadmap and shows promising results as anti-aging in clinical trials.

These molecules and compounds target different biochemical pathway to support age management. Below are some causes and outcome of aging that Revitalife Supplements will help to mitigate:

Metabolism Dysfunction

  • Metabolic syndrome (MetS) refers to a cluster of several interrelated risk factors for cerebrocardiovascular diseases that result in insulin resistance. These metabolic abnormalities frequently coexist, and MetS is prevalent among patients with obesity and/or a sedentary lifestyle

DNA Damage

  • Evidence is presented that damage to nuclear DNA (nDNA) is a direct cause of aging in addition to the effects of nDNA damage on cancer, apoptosis, and cellular senescence. Many studies show significant nDNA damage with age, associated with declining nDNA repair. Evidence for decline of nDNA repair with age is reviewed. Mammalian lifespans correlate with effectiveness of nDNA repair. The most severe forms of accelerated aging disease in humans are due to nDNA repair defects, and many of these diseases do not exhibit increased cancer incidence.

Hormone Depletion

  • The aging process introduces a final complexity. Testosterone travels in the blood in one of two forms, either bound to one of two proteins or free and unbound. The hormone binds tightly to sex hormone–binding globulin but only weakly to the second protein, albumin. Only the free and albumin-bound forms of testosterone are biologically active; together, they are known as bioavailable testosterone. The sex hormone–binding protein rises with age, so an older man may have a normal total testosterone level but still be low where it counts, in bioavailable testosterone.

Disrupted Circadian Rhythm

  • Aging alters a broad spectrum of physiological, endocrine, and behavioral rhythms, and the close relationship between age-associated disease and disrupted circadian rhythms has been shown. Circadian rhythms are regulated by a set of clock genes and mutations in clock genes result in short life in animal models. The sirtuin family is involved in the regulation of many physiological functions, including gene transcription, energy metabolism, cell senescence and oxidative stress, and has recently been associated with regulation of circadian clock gene expression. Impaired circadian rhythmicity is related to a decrease of NO production with aging, suggesting the important role of NO for age-associated diseases. Furthermore, senescence decreases the ability of cells to transmit circadian signals to their clocks.

Revitalife Compounded Health Supplements

Metabolism Modulator

  • Meta-8 Oral Capsules
    • One capsule contains 8 promising anti-aging molecules:
      • Berberine
      • Gynostemma
      • Quercitin
      • Epicatechin
      • Resveratrol
      • Sodium ascorbate
      • Alpha lipoic acid
      • Magnesium

DNA Damage Repair

  • Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

Hormone Support

  • DIM
  • Chrysin

Circadian Rhythm Regulator

  • Calming / Sleep support
    • One capsule contains the following:
      • Melatonin
      • Magnesium
      • L-theanine
      • Tryptophan
      • 5-HTP

Storage: Store Revitalife Compounded Health Supplements in its original container at 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C) and away from heat, moisture and light. Keep all medicine out of the reach of children. Throw away any unused medicine after the beyond use date. Do not flush unused medications or pour down a sink or drain.

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